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Would you let a welder give your teeth a filling?

Sometimes the obvious answer isn’t enough – when you need a Doctor, you call one, when you need a dentist, you go to see one….so why when people need an electrician, do they ask a plumber or kitchen fitter to do the job?
The DIA (Do it all) Vs the DIY crew
DIY electrics is always a bad idea – it is cringe worthy and often downright dangerous; however sometimes the point of DIY electrics comes down to affordability, corners are cut and householders are taking a dangerous chance.
However the DIA (Do It All) group are the very real dangers, often lurking in the guise of all in one services that stretch across many trades. They are the kitchen fitters that not only fit the kitchen but will plumb in your appliances too. They will also install all your sockets and those lovely spotlights that you have in mind. Dream come true? They are the knights in shining armour to the stressed out home owner; they will pocket a pretty penny leaving you with the kitchen of your dreams won’t they?
Buyer Beware!
Electricians do not fit kitchens, neither will they fix the leak under your sink, however they will make a neat job of your electrics – neat meaning nice AND installed correctly. Incorrectly installed electrics can turn your safe house into a dangerous one and can lead to fire and fatal electric shock.
If you think we’ve been reading too much Dr Seuss, then consider some of these facts:
Most of the electricity used in the home is in the kitchen.
High current using appliances such as electric hob, kettle, toaster, washing machine etc are all located here.
Do you really want to be placing your life on a badly fitted connector block that shouldn’t even be there? On top of this it’s probably been bodged into place behind a tile – yes those tiles that cost you a small fortune to buy and have fitted.
90% of house faults are due to bad kitchen electrics
If you have recently had a kitchen fitted and your electrics haven’t been the same since, then there is a good chance that a fault has occurred, and often the fault is buried somewhere in a kitchen wall that has now been covered up.
Not only will you have to pay a qualified and registered electrician to come and redo the work properly, but your lovely new kitchen will also be partially ripped out for the privilege. No electrician likes having to do this, this is why we beg and plead with you to ONLY allow a fully qualified and registered electrician to do your kitchen electrics – one that YOU choose yourself.
Common faults found as a result of kitchen fitters attempting electrical work include:
Missing earthing (essential for avoiding fatal electric shocks and things like live draining boards.)
Loose connections – fancy a rogue live wire anyone?
Joins/poor wiring buried behind plaster – what else is lurking beneath the surface?
Nuisance Tripping
Do you really want to be dicing with death every time you switch on the dishwasher, hob or extractor fan? Just because it is working doesn’t mean it is safe – and it certainly doesn’t mean a problem is not happening or will happen.
Save money and get the job done right the first time
Kitchen fitters doing the electrics does not mean the job is any cheaper – in fact kitchen fitters have been known to charge more to do the electrics then a qualified electrician themselves. Regardless of the cost, it is ALWAYS cheaper in the long run to use a qualified and registered electrician to do your kitchen electrics. Get the job done once – properly

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