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People (and the police) used to say, “don’t fit an alarm – it shows the burglars that you have something of value, worth stealing”! They said “what’s the point – no one takes any notice when they go off” Both statements are untrue. Burglars only go to properties that don’t have one, unless they are after something more specific, or they know its a fake or not in use. If you have one and your neighbour doesn’t and your houses are like for like to break into, they will go next door – fact! If you were a burglar, and you broke into a house and the siren went off, would you be brave enough to carry on with a – “no one will take any notice – I’ll just carry on” attitude? No, you wouldn’t! They like to be in and out without anybody seeing who they are or capturing them. It is worth fitting an alarm, so what’s your reason for not having one? Cost? – Get a quote – find out for sure. Installation mess / cables? – No worries here. There are wireless units now available that are very secure – not like the DIY Chain sold devices which could be easily “jammed” with a simple transmitter device. New units are digital and secure and only need batteries replacing every three years, (depending on how busy the area covered is during this time). It’s always better to have a wired system if possible, during a new build, adaptation, rewire or extension, or if it is possible to install wires with minimum fuss, but the wireless versions can be installed if not and remain more flexible and easy to add onto in the future.

Techno phobic? – Don’t be! Anyone can operate an intruder alarm now.

There are systems available now that you can set with the press of a button on a key ring! It’s as easy as locking your car doors or setting your car alarm! Did you know that your outside security lights, if you have them, can be linked to your intruder alarm system so that they activate with your alarm sirens? Most electricians wouldn’t be able to do this as they shy away from complications, but we can. Most alarm companies are the same! If you’re considering a re-wire we can also link up some or all of your house lights too, or perhaps an escape route could be illuminated, should you have your smoke alarm incorporated into the security system? This can be done on any existing property! When smoke alarms are linked to your intruder alarm system, the siren will sound intermittently so you can easily distinguish between an intruder or smoke alarm alert. This, coupled with some 120dB internal sirens, will send any intruder running! It has been said that this kind of crime is becoming less common, as the electrical goods, often targeted, like televisions, videos and DVD players are “ten a penny” nowadays, but you cannot beat the assurance you get from setting your alarm at night when your family are tucked up in bed and when the house is unoccupied, and don’t forget the discount on your house insurance too! A security alarm could soon pay for itself. Your laptops. iPads. Mobile Phones etc are all vulnerable and life changing if they get stolen. Don’t forget there are CCTV systems available for the domestic and commercial market, and alert systems that signal when somebody is somewhere where they shouldn’t be. Automatic doorbells are available and systems that switch your television over to the camera upon detecting someone approaching.

Battery operated Smoke alarms

Battery powered smoke alarms have a use if you have nothing else, and no doubt save lives – however, many people get sick and tired of them going off every time they “slightly” overdo some toast, or cook some bacon etc. People foolishly take the batteries out when they think they may go off, and don’t always put them back straight away!

Mains powered Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms

These devices are more sophisticated than the battery versions, as they have access to the mains power, they can have better circuitry in them and can discriminate better. If they ran on batteries, the battery would not have an acceptable life span. Another advantage is that they can be interlinked with one another, so for example a detector operating downstairs would trigger the detector upstairs and two or more sounding an alarm is always better than one on its own! There are different types of detection technology available too to distinguish between different likely fires. Ionisation and Optical are examples of smoke detection. They all have battery back up in the event of a mains failure, so it’s well worth investing in them. They can also be linked to your intruder alarm system, which will sound an intermittent pulsed siren instead of a continuous one so you can instantly distinguish between a fire and an intruder! Don’t forget your intruder alarm can be linked to your security lights and even building lights, to make things safer should you ever be unfortunate enough to need them.

Garden lighting

It is said that the best deterrent these days is a garden light that constantly illuminates your property and comes on automatically as nightfall approaches and switches off in the morning. You look out of your rear windows at night and see your garden and not a reflection of yourself, not knowing what is out there! With the energy efficient technology available now, it costs little to run them and is well worth the investment considering the job they do! An added advantage is if you use a decorative lighting, such as a brick lights for example, you make your garden all the more attractive for those summer nights or snow covered winters! Another available unit is one that runs on an adjustable percentage of full brightness during the dark hours, but resumes to full power should anything be detected by it’s sensors, for a user set time.

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