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Cordless phones are popular these days, and the digital ones have a crystal clear signal……BUT…..are you aware that they won’t work during a power cut! It will tell you in the manual somewhere! You should ALWAYS have a corded phone or a mobile available for emergencies – you never know when you will need to phone the emergency services, and the cause of the power cut could actually be a fire! When you get a quote off a company for a telephone extension, especially the well known ones – ask them if they will lift up the floorboards and conceal the cable under there, or will they just staple it up your staircase, around your doorframes, and along your skirting boards! Do you have the base station where you would really like it and is there a power point and telephone socket both together at that location?


Every home should have one, schools presume you do nowadays, and children can be left behind if they don’t have access to one. A laptop is perfect for around the house. The wireless internet signals that are used on all new laptops (WiFi) are convenient, and we can set up a wireless system for you and show you how to use it. If you have a high speed internet connection, the WiFi link can actually be slower than your broadband connection, so if you download large files or watch movies on the PC, you would benefit from a wired connection. If you have a desktop PC, and you have a wireless connection to it, you are missing out on a very fast, reliable (always there) and secure connection and should consider installing what is called an Ethernet cable, terminated in an RJ45 socket instead. A patch lead is then used to connect your PC to it and the internet. For businesses we can install a structured network cabling system for your network, which is secure and reliable. There are a number of peripherals associated with a desktop that are always on “standby” when your PC is off, such as your scanner, printer, monitor, USB hubs and the like. There are devices on the market that automatically supply all your peripherals only when your PC is running. We can advise and set these up. When your PC is switched off, it detects this and isolates all your peripherals until you need them again. Devices like this pay for themselves in no time, reducing your energy bill. Offices, including home offices, can especially benefit, and reduce the overheads of the business If you have a home Office, consider having a dedicated PC “station” set up with all the power and internet and telephone points all in one neat solution.


Solutions for wall mounted Flat screen televisions available – get rid of those cables forever! Digital Television is here now. But how do you get it to all your other Televisions around the house? Ever wanted to watch a DVD that is paying in the main room on another television, such as the kitchen? You have a number of options. . . Either purchase a Freeview box for every room, purchase televisions that have Freeview built in, purchase a second / third… Sky box or Virgin media box, or install a distribution system. This will allow whatever is on the main television’s digital box to be seen on any other television. Also a DVD or video could be played and routed around the remote televisions at the same time. You can even purchase a second remote control and have this remotes signal wirelessly transmitted to the main devices enabling you to select the Sky box’s (for example) channels from upstairs.

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