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Bad Tiling Tadcaster

We can recommend most trades to you. We know their workmanship is of a standard we can confidently trust. We get to see other trades a lot. Some are excellent and some are appalling amateurs.

What happened here is we were lifting some floorboards in the bathroom and we broke a tile. We were surprised as we didn’t realise we had until the owner pointed it out. The tiles were VERY thin and like glass. These should have been bedded onto the wall VERY well or else they will crack in time with expansion and contraction. They also shouldn’t be grouted to the floorboards.

Of course we paid to have the repairs done and our tiling expert – Mike Courtman couldn’t believe what he saw here.

He can even stick his hand behind the tile above and behind the grouting which is only just sticking to the tiles either side of it.

The tile we repaired will be the last one standing here as it is now on a solid bed of tile adhesive as it should be.