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How not to install downlights Boston Spa

This really was unbelievable!

These downlights have been installed in the show house of some recently built houses in Boston Spa (around 2005). They are not fire rated and therefore would allow a fire in the kitchen to spread right through the ceiling and set fire to the joists and floorboards of the bedroom above. Not only that but they would let heat, smoke and fumes through as well as noise from the kitchen below!

The installer has used standard terminal block with no cord grips or enclosure round them and left the earth wires to “float” wherever they want to. Any tradesman or DIYer reaching under the floorboards upstairs could touch a live cable and meet his fate, or the connections could become loose and cause a fire.

This job was rectified, but how many more houses have been built like this with this electrician?


Check yours – take out a bulb. Shine a torch into the fitting. Can you see a metal can around the fitting or can you see the floorboards above?

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